March 22, 2018

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  • Math behind rotation in MS Paint (2011)

    Use a planar affine transformation.

    As you pointed out, your operations are translation, rotation, shearing (skew) and scaling (stretch). We will represent each point on your image in homogeneous coordinates which allows us to use the composite matrix operations.

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  • Inside the Home of Instant Pot

    The Instant Pot is hardly the fanciest appliance on the market; several models sell for under $100. But it has upended the home-cooking industry. During this year’s Black Friday sales, the Instant Pot was among the Top 5 items sold by Amazon and Target, and among the Top 3 best-sellers at Kohl’s.

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  • Hackers shut down plant by targeting its safety system

    The malware, nicknamed Triton, hijacked a workstation using Schneider Electric's Triconex safety technology (typically used in power plants). The culprits hoped to modify controllers that could pinpoint safety problems, but some of those controllers entered a failsafe state in response and shut down the plant, leading operators to conduct the investigation that caught the hostile code.

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  • Neighbor’s house alarm triggers when I put my car in reverse

    Time to do some science because more data would help. The good news is that I'm 70% sure the problem is more their system (very techy but not a mechanic).

    Does the alarm go off when you put the car in reverse or when you actually start to move in reverse? Try putting it into reverse, but keep your foot on the brake for as long as it usually takes to trip the alarm.

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  • Artwork Personalization at Netflix

    By Ashok Chandrashekar, Fernando Amat, Justin Basilico and Tony Jebara

    For many years, the main goal of the Netflix personalized recommendation system has been to get the right titles in front each of our members at the right time.

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  • Matrices from a geometric perspective

    • 1Introduction
    • 2Points, vectors and coordinate systems
    • 3Enter the matrix
    • 4Vectors and matrices in N-D space
    • 5Random interesting bits
    • 6Summary


    Graphics is all about geometry. In particular, there are points that have a certain color, and the pattern of colors gives you a certain picture.

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